In Response to Fandango’s question:

“Do you agree with Thomas Jefferson that it doesn’t matter or hurt you if people believe in many gods, in one god, or no gods? Why or why not?

I agree with him that it does not matter to me what belief system others follow. If a person is kind, compassionate, caring, and honest, why should it matter what types of religious-or not-beliefs he/she has? Religion causes so much conflict and has caused so many wars. Every religion thinks it has a copyright on religious truths, but the core beliefs and stories of many religions are so similar. I do not believe a divine deity intended for the human race to constantly fight and murder over him/her/it. If God is love, we need to start showing a little of that to our fellow man. And, please don’t tell me it is your duty to recruit me to your belief system. It is offensive and you have probably turned a lot of people away from your beliefs instead of toward them attempting to shove your beliefs into another’s brain.

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