On the Other Side of Cancer

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I had my follow up CT scan and visit with the radiation oncologist. The cancer is gone! Follow up will be in October with another scan and that time. I am so glad I changed physicians! If anyone doubts a second opinion is wise, let my case serve as an example. It is always wise.

So, after months of feeling so beat down and depressed, I am beginning to regain my positive attitude and outlook. I will be honest, after 12 or more years of stability on medication for bipolar II disorder, this whole cancer thing threw me for a loop. It has been a roller coaster with my mood swings and changing medications to try to find something that would help. Finally, I feel better.

Among the things I have done the last month or so, I have seen all of the seasons of Stranger Things. My daughter has encouraged me to watch this series for a year and I did not do so until this month. OMG! Love it. Now my husband and are into season II of the Handmaid’s Tale. I read the Margaret Atwood book many years ago and loved it. I just could not imagine a series about it thought. It seems the series is true in nature to the book and the author is a collaborator with the writers of the series. At this point, I could slap Offred…..

I have written more poetry than I have in years during this latest dark time and hope to continue this. I enjoy the challenges because it gives me a direction to go with my writing and creativity. Reading others posts on blogs makes me happy. I love connecting to others through their writing.

Thanks to all of my blogging world friends who have been so supportive and encouraging. I cannot say how much this has meant to me. I feel I can now again enjoy life and that is a superb feeling.


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I found out yesterday the recurrent cancer has not metastasized, (spread), to my bones and that my back fracture will heal on its own given time. I went today to have a “simulation” session to prepare for stereotactic radiation to my lung tumor. I will not lie, it is scary, but the technicians, physicist, and physicians were all nice.

I start treatments on June 19th and will have five to eight treatments dependent upon how the tumor responds to the targeted radiation. I asked my oncologist what the chances of recurrence of cancer after this was and he answered 50/50 chance of recurrence. So, once I finish with radiation, I will have a CT scan in one month. The next one will be in October.

My husband and I have decided to go on a few trips we have delayed for the last two years. Time to thank God for this time and have some enjoyment between scans. All in all, the news could have been so much worse so we are grateful for this reprieve.

Thank you all for your concern, support, positive vibes and prayers. I cannot tell you how much they are appreciated. Also, has anyone else here been through stereotactic radiation? Thanks my friends!

It’s Back…

I would say I am shocked, but really, I am not. Somehow I knew about two months ago the cancer might be back. Of course, at this point, more tests to come, but it is not likely it is anything other than cancer. My left upper lobe of my lung was removed for cancer in October 2018. The CT scan in January 2019 was negative for recurrence. I had a CT scan yesterday and now have a lung nodule in the remaining lobe of my left lung. Of course, my favorite doctor, the doctor who treats my congenital immune deficiency, (CVID for short), is testing me for every lung bacteria and fungus known to God, but he knows what this is also. I know him too well for him to hide behind the white coat.

The nodule is in an area that cannot be reached by normal methods to biopsy so it should be interesting if they need to sample it. I am awaiting a call to schedule a PET scan to see if anything lights up other than this nodule. I am concerned because I have developed back pain in the last few weeks I do not seem to improve. I wonder if the cancer has made its way into my back also…

My husband was in healthcare also before he retired. He was a respiratory therapist and I am a registered nurse. Sitting at the table discussing this test results, I told him I don’t know what to feel at this point. He doesn’t either. We are at the stage it is as if this is happening to another couple and not us. I am in shock. Three months ago I was cancer free and six months out from a complication-filled surgical recovery, it seems it is back full force.