Is it possible anymore to disagree without being disagreeable?

This is in response to Fandango’s Provocative Question.

I have friends in a Facebook group that is focused upon current events. I am left of center in my political views and some of my friends vary from progressive to very conservative so the conversations are always heated and thought provoking. Many of my friends are more informed than I am-and I had always considered myself well informed before this. I find myself researching some of the subjects presented extensively to make a legitimate argument.

So, in response to the question by Fandango, no. I say that after watching the people in my group become more and more divided on both subjects; religion and politics. Every time someone writes about a belief. someone is trying to shove their belief down the throat of the writer. There is one member of the group who resorts to accusing everyone who does not agree with him of not knowing how to debate, claiming the article posted is hyperbole and/or silly, and so on.

The atmosphere politically and religiously is charged to its maximum potential with glimmers of a Handmaid’s Tale mentality emerging into the mainstream. So, can we disagree without being disagreeable? When I have attempted to disagree, many with a different view then become disagreeable. I am now threatening to delete a member of my group who did not agree with a comment made by someone else and let that person know she disagreed by responding, “FU you evil bitch!”