Welcome to the World of Dogs

So, I decided today to get off my butt and go walk with my husband first thing this morning. We have a little white dog who walked with us on a leash when his doggy brother, Butters, was alive and walked with us also. When Butters died, our little white dog became terrified of walking on the sidewalk. So about three months ago, we rescued another dog, a small phantom poodle. Today is the day we decided to try walking both dogs together to see if our white dog would walk with the poodle like he did with his deceased brother dog. Low and behold, he did!

Now, Fudsworth, the white dog, still will not go to the bathroom on a leash. We have taken him a few times with us to have to return home because after 14 hours, he still had not gone to the bathroom. It is frustrating for us and, I am certain, for him. The cabin we rented had a huge yard, but no fence so he had to be on a leash. We walked him and walked him to no avail, so home we went. First thing, Fuds went outside and we thought he would never stop peeing! How does a dog do this?

We had a wonderful lady who boards dogs. We all decided to do a test run to see how things would go while we were just ten minutes away. The doggy sitter keeps her charges at her home and they receive one on one care. She had a large, enclosed patio with about three feet of edging planted in bushes and covered in mulch. Fuds would not go to the bathroom in the mulch. The poodle did-no problem, but Fuds would not follow suit. We offered to come pick up both dogs explaining if Fuds had not gone to the bathroom in ten hours, he would most likely go in her house. She decided to try to keep Fuds and Fritz overnight anyway. She stated she was certain that Fuds would eventually go to the bathroom outside. Nope. He peed on her rug.

Our dogs are weird but we wouldn’t take anything for them. They make our lives full and most of the time, they are lots of fun. Happy Monday everyone!