I love to read other’s work and see what interests the persons I follow on my blog. Sometimes it is more fun to read than to write! I am always amazed at how many talented and knowledgeable people I know in the blogging world.

In my Facebook world, I am friends with persons of varying beliefs. Within a group, we discuss political, cultural, and humanitarian subjects-or anything else that catches someone’s eye they think is important. Before this, I had my beliefs and could not understand how anyone could look at the same set of events and not see what I see.

What I have found is the reason everyone does not agree on all topics regardless of the facts is complex. Religious beliefs slant people’s interpretation of facts. I see Bible verses quoted back and forth in defense of a belief. Amazingly, both camps have Bible verses they can throw at each other to uphold the rightness of their beliefs in a subject.

Belief in a con man’s recommendations and words above facts, reason, or humanity.  This con man has woven himself into Christianity so that he and Jesus are on the same level for believability and redemption. Evangelical ministers and TV ministers hail him as the next best thing to Jesus and state he is standing up for them although his lifetime behavior has been proven to be racist, dismissive, callous, dishonest, abrasive, and centered only upon his and his family’s success. He is famous for the indoctrination to not believe anything but what he tells you to believe. If he says something and then backtracks two days later and says something totally different, do not question this. Just believe the last thing he said.

The same persons who sit in the pews on Sunday listening to the sermon and praising God are the same ones who post comments and memes indicating their dislike-and sometimes, hate-of a group of people by Sunday afternoon.

A man I knew from high school posted a terrible offensive meme hat he stated was sent to him from a woman at church! (I guess he thought because it was a woman who sent it and she related to church this made the meme okay.) The meme showed a woman in a bikini with wild blonde hair who weighed around 300 lbs. She had an expression that was an in-your-face type of expression. She was labeled a Democrat. The other woman was buxom and slender with brown hair in a skimpy outfit waving a flag, I think, and she was labeled a Republican. The meme was offensive on so many levels I did not even know where to start addressing it.

Several people attempted to say to him why the meme was offensive, but others gave him an “atta boy” so he became certain the meme was okay. It was pointed out to him that it was his choice to post what he wished as the First Amendment gave him the right to do so, but others also pointed out he would be subject to the consequences of that expression of his First Amendment rights.

Finally, I asked what his pastor would think of the meme. Did he think the pastor would find it humorous? After a time, he posted back that a pastor with a sense of humor would. A few hours later the meme was removed. Even once he realized the meme was offensive, he continued to defend it because there were those who gave him approval for the hatefulness of the meme. But, in the end, I think, fear that his minister might become aware of it made the meme disappear.

The issue of abortion is a hot potato issue. It seems it is based upon the question of when a fetus is considered a person. Some believe the Commandment “Thou shalt not kill”, covers the belief in anti-abortion, but some of these same individuals believe capital punishment and killing others in wartime is okay. I believe if you use that Commandment to justify the disapproval of abortion under any circumstance, you better be able to justify not killing anyone under any circumstance. The Commandment does not say, “except…”.

Pro-choice individuals argue a fetus is not a person until it is viable outside of the womb. For instance, a baby born at a certain number of weeks may be able to live with massive amounts of medical intervention but have severe limitations the remainder of its short life. Most states do not allow abortions after the age of viability, which has been studied by scientists and doctors on a continuing basis. This information is referenced within the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

If a child is born and has medical issues that would cause death without massive medical interventions and even with this intervention leave the child with massive problems and a short life, do the parents get to request no heroic measures be used when the child is born? There is hospice for children and adults who are in this type of situation. Do the parents not get to speak for their child under these circumstances? To me this has a clear-cut answer of allowing the baby’s parents decide, but I am surprised how many people believe everything should be done to keep this poor child alive although these same people cannot help these parents cope with the horror this visits upon them, their families, and the child. Not to mention the financial devastation.

My mind has not been changed by the posts. I researched well and thought through my beliefs thoroughly prior to deciding what I believe. Others who believed differently than me have done the same. I do not understand persons who believe in kindness to others and do not care about children in the detention facilities at the border, they are not likely to see the dissonance of their beliefs. It is what it is. I only hope there are more out there like me than them at the time of the 2020 election.