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Today there was an online discussion that started with the argument that it would be unfair to those who died from cancer if there was then a cure for cancer. Then the question was is it fair to those who have paid student loans to now have free higher education? Now, I think I know what you are thinking, but hear me out on this.

As I see this, the question is it” fair” to the people who have died from cancer if there is now a cure for cancer? Is it “fair” to those who have paid or are paying student loans for a college education to that same education to now be free?

One of the synonyms for “fair” is “equitable”. It is not “equitable” for one group to pay off loans for years and another group to attend at no charge for identical higher education. IT is not “fair” for one group to die from cancer and another live because a cure for cancer is found.

It would be great if state colleges were free to students who live in that state. But, is it “fair” that some students have free education and others had to work three jobs while going to school to pay for it or take out student loans with the interest rates they carry?  No, it is not “fair”.  

Is it “fair” if marijuana is legalized the people who have served time for possession still have served time they cannot get back? If they are released, they have still served time they cannot get back. Should they receive compensation? What is “fair”?

So, is it “fair” to the people who have paid back college loans to now have free education for others who will be in the same workforce with the same degree? No.

Is it desirable for there to be a cure for cancer and free education? Of course, it is desirable. That does not change the answer to the question of fairness.

A member of the group asked if it was fair for someone to have their student loan forgiven after ten years and persons graduating now not having that option? No, it is not fair, but that is why there is a saying that states “Life is not fair.” It truly is not fair.

Is it possible anymore to disagree without being disagreeable?

This is in response to Fandango’s Provocative Question.

I have friends in a Facebook group that is focused upon current events. I am left of center in my political views and some of my friends vary from progressive to very conservative so the conversations are always heated and thought provoking. Many of my friends are more informed than I am-and I had always considered myself well informed before this. I find myself researching some of the subjects presented extensively to make a legitimate argument.

So, in response to the question by Fandango, no. I say that after watching the people in my group become more and more divided on both subjects; religion and politics. Every time someone writes about a belief. someone is trying to shove their belief down the throat of the writer. There is one member of the group who resorts to accusing everyone who does not agree with him of not knowing how to debate, claiming the article posted is hyperbole and/or silly, and so on.

The atmosphere politically and religiously is charged to its maximum potential with glimmers of a Handmaid’s Tale mentality emerging into the mainstream. So, can we disagree without being disagreeable? When I have attempted to disagree, many with a different view then become disagreeable. I am now threatening to delete a member of my group who did not agree with a comment made by someone else and let that person know she disagreed by responding, “FU you evil bitch!”

Welcome to the World of Dogs

So, I decided today to get off my butt and go walk with my husband first thing this morning. We have a little white dog who walked with us on a leash when his doggy brother, Butters, was alive and walked with us also. When Butters died, our little white dog became terrified of walking on the sidewalk. So about three months ago, we rescued another dog, a small phantom poodle. Today is the day we decided to try walking both dogs together to see if our white dog would walk with the poodle like he did with his deceased brother dog. Low and behold, he did!

Now, Fudsworth, the white dog, still will not go to the bathroom on a leash. We have taken him a few times with us to have to return home because after 14 hours, he still had not gone to the bathroom. It is frustrating for us and, I am certain, for him. The cabin we rented had a huge yard, but no fence so he had to be on a leash. We walked him and walked him to no avail, so home we went. First thing, Fuds went outside and we thought he would never stop peeing! How does a dog do this?

We had a wonderful lady who boards dogs. We all decided to do a test run to see how things would go while we were just ten minutes away. The doggy sitter keeps her charges at her home and they receive one on one care. She had a large, enclosed patio with about three feet of edging planted in bushes and covered in mulch. Fuds would not go to the bathroom in the mulch. The poodle did-no problem, but Fuds would not follow suit. We offered to come pick up both dogs explaining if Fuds had not gone to the bathroom in ten hours, he would most likely go in her house. She decided to try to keep Fuds and Fritz overnight anyway. She stated she was certain that Fuds would eventually go to the bathroom outside. Nope. He peed on her rug.

Our dogs are weird but we wouldn’t take anything for them. They make our lives full and most of the time, they are lots of fun. Happy Monday everyone!


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Freya’s Tears (Golden Tears)

Yesterday, I was talking with a friend about how I remember myself and my high school friends. I wonder if all people after 60 years of age begin to visit the past with some passion. I can see my high school friends as they were then and remember a specific outfit or snippet of time we were together. Emotions felt during those times flood back and it all seems like yesterday.

I used to swim every day in the summer somehow. I coached a swim team my senior year of high school with my best friend. I remember the freedom of the water and the sun. Nothing helped one sleep more than a day swimming and sunning. It was almost impossible to be unhappy! Sometimes I am transported to those days and it is difficult to come back to the reality of today.

My friends are still beautiful, but we all are suffering with our own burdens now. Illness, broken relationships; broken lives for some. We cling together to support each other through those times. Yes, there is also happiness. Successful, loving children, successful careers, beloved pets, lovely houses, and inner peace have been obtained by many. There are those who believe they have come to a place of acceptance. Perhaps they have.

For me, I am sadly nostalgic for those carefree, sun-filled days at present. I miss the youth the memories represent. I miss the opportunity to make better choices at some junctures of my life. I miss the friends I made over the years with whom I lost touch thinking we would cross paths again and never did. I miss my father who passed almost eleven years ago. I remember him so clearly and all of the times we spent in each other’s company. I appreciated him while he was alive, but now I cannot be with him I realize what a whole it left in my life when he died.

Unlike a few months ago, I am not severely depressed thinking about these things, but the memories are like old friends that keep me occupied and happy as if I am experiencing that phase of my life for brief periods of time.

On the Other Side of Cancer

7 Rules Of Life, motivational poster print – zingydecor
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I had my follow up CT scan and visit with the radiation oncologist. The cancer is gone! Follow up will be in October with another scan and that time. I am so glad I changed physicians! If anyone doubts a second opinion is wise, let my case serve as an example. It is always wise.

So, after months of feeling so beat down and depressed, I am beginning to regain my positive attitude and outlook. I will be honest, after 12 or more years of stability on medication for bipolar II disorder, this whole cancer thing threw me for a loop. It has been a roller coaster with my mood swings and changing medications to try to find something that would help. Finally, I feel better.

Among the things I have done the last month or so, I have seen all of the seasons of Stranger Things. My daughter has encouraged me to watch this series for a year and I did not do so until this month. OMG! Love it. Now my husband and are into season II of the Handmaid’s Tale. I read the Margaret Atwood book many years ago and loved it. I just could not imagine a series about it thought. It seems the series is true in nature to the book and the author is a collaborator with the writers of the series. At this point, I could slap Offred…..

I have written more poetry than I have in years during this latest dark time and hope to continue this. I enjoy the challenges because it gives me a direction to go with my writing and creativity. Reading others posts on blogs makes me happy. I love connecting to others through their writing.

Thanks to all of my blogging world friends who have been so supportive and encouraging. I cannot say how much this has meant to me. I feel I can now again enjoy life and that is a superb feeling.

Lair of the Orange Man

"Trump's Lies,The Definitive List" - Many Americans have become accustomed to Trump’s lies. But as regular as they have become, the country should not allow itself to become numb to them. So we have catalogued nearly every outright lie he has told publicly since taking the oath of office. (Click on the image to read full article.)
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Come to me my pretties,

The big Orange man did say,

I can make all your problems

Dissolve and melt away.

Don’t mind about the others,

They do not think like us

And you know we are better,

Who are you going to trust?

He has no use for mercy,

He laughs at those who care,

He embraces the adversity

As he lounges in his lair.

Ask yourselves, my pretties,

If he should lose the fight,

Will you still be proud of your positions

Without this leader’s light?

7/18/19 TTL

State of Affairs

The world of Trump and the Trump cult, (I call it a cult because sane, kind people have become everything they used to be against), is absolutely confounding to me. I have seen some nefarious characters in positions of power, but nothing to compare to this President, his Administration, and his followers.

He cannot keep competent people in his administration. Why is that, do you think? My guess, partially based on books, interviews, and testimony, is Donald Trump is so crooked and on the border-if not already there-of criminal they finally got a clue he would not change and bailed before they could be involved with something that would ruin their careers or send them to jail like Paul Manafort.

He has sown so much division among Americans it is constantly on display and he fuels it every chance he gets. He appeals to people’s bad side and makes it okay to bring it into the sunlight and embrace the hatred.

Those of us who cannot stomach his rhetoric are now traitors, not patriotic, hate America, need to leave the country if we don’t agree with Trump, etc. I had a high school friend post that if one was not Christian, he/she should leave America. Sounds like the shit we heard in England that inspired us to immigrate to America many, many years ago for religious freedom.

As has been pointed out by many since the President suggested “The Squad” go back to their countries. Omar is the only one of the four who was not born in America. She immigrated here from Somalia when she was 12 years of age and is now an American citizen. She has been a citizen longer than Melania Trump.

I made a comment that Trump is a savant with spin and PR. He could sell an igloo in hell. Otherwise, he is a moron. Yet there are very smart people who hang on his every word. If it was back in Salem, we would say they were possessed or influenced by witchcraft. That would certainly be an easier explanation.


I love to read other’s work and see what interests the persons I follow on my blog. Sometimes it is more fun to read than to write! I am always amazed at how many talented and knowledgeable people I know in the blogging world.

In my Facebook world, I am friends with persons of varying beliefs. Within a group, we discuss political, cultural, and humanitarian subjects-or anything else that catches someone’s eye they think is important. Before this, I had my beliefs and could not understand how anyone could look at the same set of events and not see what I see.

What I have found is the reason everyone does not agree on all topics regardless of the facts is complex. Religious beliefs slant people’s interpretation of facts. I see Bible verses quoted back and forth in defense of a belief. Amazingly, both camps have Bible verses they can throw at each other to uphold the rightness of their beliefs in a subject.

Belief in a con man’s recommendations and words above facts, reason, or humanity.  This con man has woven himself into Christianity so that he and Jesus are on the same level for believability and redemption. Evangelical ministers and TV ministers hail him as the next best thing to Jesus and state he is standing up for them although his lifetime behavior has been proven to be racist, dismissive, callous, dishonest, abrasive, and centered only upon his and his family’s success. He is famous for the indoctrination to not believe anything but what he tells you to believe. If he says something and then backtracks two days later and says something totally different, do not question this. Just believe the last thing he said.

The same persons who sit in the pews on Sunday listening to the sermon and praising God are the same ones who post comments and memes indicating their dislike-and sometimes, hate-of a group of people by Sunday afternoon.

A man I knew from high school posted a terrible offensive meme hat he stated was sent to him from a woman at church! (I guess he thought because it was a woman who sent it and she related to church this made the meme okay.) The meme showed a woman in a bikini with wild blonde hair who weighed around 300 lbs. She had an expression that was an in-your-face type of expression. She was labeled a Democrat. The other woman was buxom and slender with brown hair in a skimpy outfit waving a flag, I think, and she was labeled a Republican. The meme was offensive on so many levels I did not even know where to start addressing it.

Several people attempted to say to him why the meme was offensive, but others gave him an “atta boy” so he became certain the meme was okay. It was pointed out to him that it was his choice to post what he wished as the First Amendment gave him the right to do so, but others also pointed out he would be subject to the consequences of that expression of his First Amendment rights.

Finally, I asked what his pastor would think of the meme. Did he think the pastor would find it humorous? After a time, he posted back that a pastor with a sense of humor would. A few hours later the meme was removed. Even once he realized the meme was offensive, he continued to defend it because there were those who gave him approval for the hatefulness of the meme. But, in the end, I think, fear that his minister might become aware of it made the meme disappear.

The issue of abortion is a hot potato issue. It seems it is based upon the question of when a fetus is considered a person. Some believe the Commandment “Thou shalt not kill”, covers the belief in anti-abortion, but some of these same individuals believe capital punishment and killing others in wartime is okay. I believe if you use that Commandment to justify the disapproval of abortion under any circumstance, you better be able to justify not killing anyone under any circumstance. The Commandment does not say, “except…”.

Pro-choice individuals argue a fetus is not a person until it is viable outside of the womb. For instance, a baby born at a certain number of weeks may be able to live with massive amounts of medical intervention but have severe limitations the remainder of its short life. Most states do not allow abortions after the age of viability, which has been studied by scientists and doctors on a continuing basis. This information is referenced within the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

If a child is born and has medical issues that would cause death without massive medical interventions and even with this intervention leave the child with massive problems and a short life, do the parents get to request no heroic measures be used when the child is born? There is hospice for children and adults who are in this type of situation. Do the parents not get to speak for their child under these circumstances? To me this has a clear-cut answer of allowing the baby’s parents decide, but I am surprised how many people believe everything should be done to keep this poor child alive although these same people cannot help these parents cope with the horror this visits upon them, their families, and the child. Not to mention the financial devastation.

My mind has not been changed by the posts. I researched well and thought through my beliefs thoroughly prior to deciding what I believe. Others who believed differently than me have done the same. I do not understand persons who believe in kindness to others and do not care about children in the detention facilities at the border, they are not likely to see the dissonance of their beliefs. It is what it is. I only hope there are more out there like me than them at the time of the 2020 election.