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Excuses, excuses

For anyone who would like to read the article and see further pictures, here is the link: https://www.politicususa.com/2019/07/02/photos-from-inside-trumps-detention-camps-show-migrants-crammed-into-cages-begging-for-help.html

I posted this in a group on Facebook. It seems Trump supporters have a million reasons this is okay. It is the fault of the parents. The immigrants are rapists, drug lords, and murders. Illegal immigrants take the jobs of American citizens, (like there are American citizens lining up to pick fruit and vegetables in the hot sun all day like these migrants do every day they can). Immigrants will work for less so American workers get paid less. It is always something to excuse the policies and practices of this administration.

I get so tired of these professed good Christians telling me this is okay and citing political reasons for why this is okay. Or, it is okay because the facilities and border control are overwhelmed. Basic humanity is suddenly not an issue for these people. Some of them I have known all my life. I cannot, no matter what I do, get my head around it. One of my Trump supporting friends asked some of us on Facebook what WE suggested. I responded by asking why should WE be the ones to figure out how to solve this humanitarian problem. Did we not elect a group of people for that very purpose? Those who know the ins and outs of Washington politics and the judicial system? Why would you ask how WE would solve the problem? WE did not create this humanitarian disaster. Nor do we have the resourcews to rectify this horrible situation.

I have even had some say the situation was overstated and not that bad. Really? Are the pictures fake? No, they are not!

Recently, monies to help with this situation were approved. Great! My question is will the money be used as intended and why did things have to get this bad before anyone tried to remedy the situation? This situation at the border is a blight upon the history of America.

Summer: In Response to https://lightmotifs.wordpress.com/2019/06/25/three-things-challenge-pl132/

I remember the summer before I entered the fourth grade. It was hot, as always-I mean, it was summer after all! This was long before the days of air conditioning. {Every window in the house had a fan in it blowing constantly the hot, humid air into the house.) Still, all the kids in the neighborhood-and  most parents-loved summer.

Most days, me and my best friend would walk the two blocks to the neighborhood pool and spend the day there. Occasionally, someone on our street would have one of their granddaughters or nieces for a visit and they would be close in age to us, so we would spend time playing games or swimming with them.

On our street, there were two older ladies-sisters-who had never married. They lived in a large, two story brick home built in the 1920s. Everyone loved that house, but few had ever been inside. The sisters were pleasant when seen by others, but they stayed to themselves most of the time. This particular summer, their brother’s grandchild visited, and she was the age of me and my best friend. We were invited over to the house of the sisters to play.

Anna opened the door for us. The sisters made a brief appearance to welcome us. One of the sisters asked if we would like something to drink and Debbie, my best friend, and replied, “No mam. Thank you.” As we were taught by our parents to reply.

We ascended a flight of stairs and ended on the second story. Anna was staying in one of the bedrooms on this floor. So, we played with our dolls for a while and talked about school for about an hour when Anna said, “Let’s go into the attic! There is so much neat stuff up there!”

We asked if we needed permission to go there and Anna said the sisters-her aunts-allowed her full use of the attic. Well, okay then! Off on an adventure! Anna showed us a door in the hallway that went up into the attic. It was extremely hot and dusty,  but we were the right age to not mind this at all when an adventure was at stake., but full of clothes and hats and, in the corner of the attic, was an organ! Debbie and I looked agog at the organ. “How,” I asked Anna, “did anyone get this organ up the stairs into this attic. Anna said she thinks they brought it into the attic through the double windows at the front of the attic, but she was not certain. She went over to it and pressed a few keys, but the organ did not make a sound. Then we decided the attic was haunted and perhaps a ghost had transported the organ to this final resting place!

After scaring ourselves silly, we descended the stairs onto the second floor to hear one of the sisters call up to us. “Girls come downstairs! Sister and I have made lemonade and we have watermelon to eat.” There was nothing better then lemonade and watermelon on a hot summer’s day! Our day ended perfectly as we finished our playtime thanking our hostesses and saying a fond farewell to a new friend, Anna.

On the walk back to our houses, my friend and I wondered how in the world we were going to eat dinner after eating all of that watermelon….yet we managed and lived to swim and play another day. I miss those much simpler days!

In Response to Fandango’s question: https://fivedotoh.com/2019/06/26/fandangos-provocative-question-29/

“Do you agree with Thomas Jefferson that it doesn’t matter or hurt you if people believe in many gods, in one god, or no gods? Why or why not?

I agree with him that it does not matter to me what belief system others follow. If a person is kind, compassionate, caring, and honest, why should it matter what types of religious-or not-beliefs he/she has? Religion causes so much conflict and has caused so many wars. Every religion thinks it has a copyright on religious truths, but the core beliefs and stories of many religions are so similar. I do not believe a divine deity intended for the human race to constantly fight and murder over him/her/it. If God is love, we need to start showing a little of that to our fellow man. And, please don’t tell me it is your duty to recruit me to your belief system. It is offensive and you have probably turned a lot of people away from your beliefs instead of toward them attempting to shove your beliefs into another’s brain.

Beyond Cancer

True Dat!

So, completed radiation yesterday. I spoke with my radiation technician and asked her if this fatigue is normal and, if so, how long would it last? I added that it is a small price to pay to get rid of the lung cancer, but I just wondered about this. She said that is how we know the radiation is doing what it is supposed to do. She thought the fatigue would be gone in a few weeks. Well, I can handle that!

My husband and I booked a three day vacation before I have my next CT scan at the end of July and the visit with the radiation oncologist after that. We did the same for our anniversary vacation-the vacation is before the October CT scan. I want nothing on my mind when we go for these vacations but having a good time.

So, according to my oncologist, my chances of a return tumor are now 50/50, but if it comes back, there are treatments available. I have decided that the tumor will not return. I just will not stand for it this time. No more cancer. I have things to do and places to go!

In the months since my surgery in October 2018, I have gained weight due to depression and inactivity-through no fault of my own. Because of two surgeries and all the complications and the return of cancer, my activity has been restricted by the doctors. Now, though, I am free to do what I want so it is time to buckle down and get back to life. Of course, weight seems to come on much faster than it comes off!

I had my hair cut into a just above the shoulder bob today. Love it! Saturday I am having it highlighted in a silvery blonde color. Making steps to getting back my perk and confidence. My husband and I are getting out of the house and going unique places in town for little outings. It helps so much to just be doing something different and fun.

LIfe is good right now and I am happy to be on the other side of treatment! Wishing everyone here a good day and thank you for cheering me on during the difficult days. You are the best!

Fandango’s Provocative Question: In Response to https://fivedotoh.com/2019/06/19/fandangos-provocative-question-28/

The question posed is the following”

“Do you believe that Donald Trump is an effective American president who should remain in office despite having accepted aid from a foreign adversary (Russia) and having committed obstruction of justice into the investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential elections? Do you believe that Trump should or should not be impeached for his actions? Why?”

Donald Trump has a long history of shady business dealings, shafting contractors and banks that gave him loans, lying, cheating, self-absorption, using others, controlling others, impulsive actions, and walking over others to get what he wants. He is not particularly smart, although he claims to be Einstein, but through his mentors-Roy Cohn, for instance-he learned to screw others to get what he wanted. He has made it through multiple law suits and corporate bankruptcies still convincing Americans he is a successful businessman and becoming President bringing all of his corruption into the White House.

There is no question in my mind Donald Trump did all of the things the Mueller report outlines, however, what I am finding through political groups and postings is, his supporters do not believe the report, do not think he did anything wrong even if they read the report, or don’t listen to anything but conservative news sites who have absolved Trump of any wrongdoing. With a Republican controlled Congress, it would be difficult to get a 2/3 majority vote to impeach the President-who for some reason they stand by no matter how crazy the man shows himself to be.

This being said, I believe that yes, an impeachment inquiry should be started and said to be such. I think Nancy Pelosi’s stance on impeachment hinges upon how an impeachment process that will never pass the Senate would this affect the 2020 elections. Others say we must do the right thing regardless of the political fallout. It is a difficult choice for many.

Tired of Being Negative!

From Pinterest

So, I took down many of my Debbie Downer blog posts today. I had my first radiation treatment and it went smoothly. For the first time in months, I am content and hopeful. My depression has lifted. That is a very, very good thing. I feel more myself.

I have always been a little odd, just like the quote above, and have constantly sought to be “normal”. In my 50s, after a lifetime of depressive episodes that did not respond well to antidepressants, I was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder and placed on Lamictal, which made life so much easier. Still, there are many years I was unstable and did some interesting things because of it, but, you know, that is part of who I am also. I have come to realize also that “normal” never existed.

I think many of us spend our valuable time trying to fit into a mold of what those around us consider “normal”. There is no such thing. There are those people who project an illusion of a perfect life few could possibly attain. A perfect life is an illusion. It is not true. It is not real. There is no perfect anything. I think many of us spend our valuable time trying to fit into a mold of what those around us consider “normal”. There is no such thing. There are those people who project an illusion of a perfect life few could possibly attain. A perfect life is an illusion. It is not true. It is not real. There is no perfect anything.

The ability to be happy with who one is and what one has is an acquired trait, I think. Or, it was for me and I still struggle with it. Everyone has a passion or many passions. Those things, activities, or jobs we believe would make us eternally satisfied, but many of us will not be able to attain, so we remain dissatisfied with who we are or what we have.

Me, I want my health after all this treatment is through. I want to vacation a few places for short periods of time. That is pretty much it for me. I love the sun. As soon as I complete radiation, I plan on being outside as much as possible. I want to complete a few pieces of furniture still sitting in the garage I started to distress before all this recurrence crap started. I am determined to feel happy and feel joy again.

So, I end this post saying we are enough. Whatever we are is normal for us. We deserve to be happy. What makes one of us happy may not be what , makes another happy. Sometimes we have to let go of others who do not contribute to our happiness and just be ourselves.

Her Slice of Life

Woman before an Aquarium Henri Matisse 1921-1923

Winsome, willowy, and free

In the early stages of life-

Young and without care!

Later, the chance to

lift her face to the sun becomes

limited by life,

love, husband, and children,

but still a possibility.

Children grow and abandon

the family home,

(at least that is the way she feels).

Now, there is time to be free again

unfettered by family tasks or work,

but she does not feel the freedom

as she did in her youth.

She ponders, where is her slice of life?

The one she can claim as her own.

TTL 6/13/19

In response to https://reinventionsreena.wordpress.com/2019/06/13/reenas-exploration-challenge-91/